Vaccine Hero
Week of November 20

Infant receiving vaccine shotOf the list of vaccines you or your child got, one of the most important is the MMR. It protected you against measles, mumps and rubella, but all along it may have been shielding you from even more diseases. This is because once a child is infected with measles, even after they recover, the immune system is compromised so that they’re more susceptible to other illnesses. When the highly contagious measles virus infects someone, various cells, even immune cells are killed. One type are cells that provide immunological memory... More »

Designing the Perfect Baby
Week of November 13

A babyHollywood has made movies of societies with perfect people created by gene manipulation. Though science isn’t quite there yet, researchers are experimenting with the idea that could lead in that direction.

In China, a researcher is reporting the first ever gene editing in human embryos. Gene editing, technically known as germ line editing, is simply removing or replacing genes that are defective… or not. If this is to correct a serious disease, we can see the value, but not when it’s to make a smarter, more beautiful, and in essence a designer baby... More »

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