The Impossible Problem - Weight Loss
Week of July 27

microbesBy now, eighty percent of you who made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight have failed. That’s discouraging, but predictable given our stress and food temptations which are everywhere, compounded by our pitiful willpower. Well, there’s a new weight loss approach being studied that shrinks fat even as you eat the same amount of food...More »

The Microbial Forensic Clock
Week of July 20

microbesToday’s story is for the CSI fan. Researchers are learning about the various microbes present in and on our bodies after death. This means there’s a sort of microbial clock that reveals when and how a person died...More »

Something Fishy about Diabetes
Week of July 13

diabetesEven though millions of people have diabetes, we don’t fully understand all the causes of this illness. Now a discovery is raising more questions... More »

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