You're More Like Your Mother Than You Know
Week of May 22

Photo of mother and childMothers who breast feed often joke that their milk is like liquid gold. Well, it may not be gold, but is just as valuable to a baby’s health. Not only are breast fed babies more resistant to disease and infections, they face lower rates of juvenile diabetes and cancer. Now we’re learning breast milk contains stem cells that become parts of a baby’s various organs... More »

Cigars Are No Better
Week of May 15

A person smoking a cigaretteOut with cigarettes and in with cigars, right? Well, cigars certainly have taken on a luxury image, smoked by celebrities and stocked in expensive cigar bars.

Several studies are spilling the ugly truth: cigars are just as bad for you as cigarettes. The news is timely since the sales of large cigars grew over two hundred percent in the past decade, and cigar smoking doubled in the US.

Cigars come in three basic sizes. The smallest are the size of cigarettes, and come in flavors such as chocolate and mint. The next size up are cigarillos or cheroots, which are flavored and inhaled deeply... More »

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