Chopin's Telltale Heart
Week of April 20

chopin musicHistory’s many music prodigies produced amazing masterpieces. Among them is Frederic Chopin who left us not only his beautiful music, but his heart… literally. Yes, his heart is kept in a jar at the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, Poland... More »

Sporty Pathogens
Week of April 6

wrestlersParents with kids who play sports usually worry about injuries, not dangerous pathogens. Yet a new report urges parents and schools to help prevent a spread of infections among young athletes... More »

Can a Dot Help Treat Infection
Week of March 30

bacteriaIn the next three decades, an additional ten million people will die from multi drug-resistant bacteria. One solution to this monumental problem is to create new antibiotics but that can take a decade to develop and approve. Another, more efficient solution, is to optimize the use of current antibiotics... More »

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