The Catastrophe of Antibiotic Resistance
Week of March 6

The Catastrophe of Antibiotic ResistanceIn late 2014, President Obama issued an executive order to better track and prevent illnesses caused by superbugs. No, not insects - antibiotic resistant bacteria. These superbugs and new ones rank among the top challenges of our century.

One U.S. senator wants to create a federal office dedicated to antimicrobial resistance. Are they being alarmist? Unfortunately, no... More »

The Berlin Patient
Week of February 27

HIVWe only know of one person who was cured of HIV. He’s called the Berlin Patient but Timothy Ray Brown is an American living in Germany.

Though we have clues about his cure, a recent study gets us closer to an answer. Brown had HIV for eleven years when he got acute myeloid leukemia or AML... More »

Natural or C-Section: Does It Matter?
Week of February 20

An infantCan the way you were born affect your health? A new finding says it’s possible that cesarean birth can change a baby’s DNA compared with babies born vaginally.

We don’t know if those differences are permanent but the study makes us want to take a closer look... More »

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