No Evidence That Homeopathy Works
Week of September 4

No Evidence That Homeopathy WorksThough we’re in the age of modern medicine, homeopathy continues to have a foothold. You can find the remedies in any drug or health food store. But an Australian governmental council wants consumers to take heed. Its study found no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.

Just what is homeopathy? It was started by an eighteenth century German physician who was struggling until his essay proclaiming a new healing art... More »

The Myopia Pandemic
Week of August 28

The Myopia PandemicOf all the pandemics in the world, here’s one I did not know about: myopia. Near sightedness? Are you sure you’re not thinking of hyperopia which I and everyone I know has? Yeah, it does seem everyone I know needs reading glasses, but no. I’m referring to young people who can’t see far and the reason will make a lot of parents shake their heads: kids are spending too much time indoors.

It’s true. For example, in Korea and China where study time has shot up, 90 and 97 percent of young people have myopia. Sixty years ago only 10 to 20 percent of Chinese were myopic! I know it’s tempting to believe too much time hitting the books is the problem, but a study in 2000 disproved this theory... More »

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