Cholesterol Sweet Spot
Week of September 30

Cholesterol Sweet SpotMillions of us have to watch our diet in order to keep our cholesterol levels down. High cholesterol can lead to hardened arteries and eventually, heart disease or stroke. Many people take statins to control it, but these drugs don’t work on everyone and have side effects. So, what if you could take a simple sugar that can break down your cholesterol?

In fact, we already use it widely in foods and medicines. The chemical is a simple ring of sugar molecules called cyclodextrin. It is able to lower the amount of cholesterol crystals in the blood, which is a cause of atherosclerosis. This is when cholesterol builds up in the arteries, causing inflammation, and heart disease... More »

Hello Syn
Week of September 23

Synthetic BiologyWe live in a wondrous time. We can 3D print almost anything, including human tissues. Biotechnology is revolutionizing the energy industry and personalized medicine delivers individual treatments for heart disease and other major illnesses. And now… we can create life!

Actually, we’re on version 3.0. Scientists have made a living bacterium using DNA created in a test tube. The focus of this study was to determine the minimal essential genes required for life in a microbial organism. The process is called synthetic biology... More »

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