Measles More Deadly Than We Thought
Week of March 31

Measles More Deadly Than We ThoughtDecades after the height of the measles epidemic we continue to learn about its complications. One deadly result is more common than we assumed. It’s called SSPE, which stands for sclerosing panencephalitis. It can show up a decade after a measles infection and recovery. It’s also more prevalent in those who got measles when they were younger than two years old... More »

Bacteria and Zits
Week of March 24

Forehead with acneOne reason I’m glad for my age is I don’t have to worry about acne anymore. Ugh. Man, those years were the worst, and some adults continue to deal with pimples! People may find it surprising that we don’t fully understand the causes of acne. One new study suggests a harmless bacterium may be responsible.

It’s called Proprionibacterium acnes and it can get trapped deeply inside the airless, oily conditions of a hair follicle. In that airless environment, P. acnes converts an oily substance in the follicle, called sebum, into fatty acids... More »

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