Autism on the Increase
Week of November 28

Autism is on the riseAn alarming trend we’re seeing is the rise of autism in America. It grew by thirty percent between 2008 and 2010 which means nearly one in every seventy 8 year-olds are now diagnosed. We’re also better at diagnosing autism which helps push up numbers but some experts say it remains underestimated... More »

Sweet Guts
Week of November 21

Sweet GutsTo everyone’s surprise three years ago, scientists discovered our sugar receptors aren’t exclusive to the tongue. Our guts can sense sweetness too – the stomach, intestine, pancreas, and even our airways.

Scientists got pretty excited about what this meant for diabetics. Could drugs target these receptors to help people with type 2 diabetes?  This is the most common form of diabetes when the body no longer makes enough insulin or stops responding to it. We need insulin for our cells to take up the glucose in our blood and use it for energy... More »

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