Duck-Billed Diabetes Treatment
Week of May 19

Duck-billed platypusWhat’s the size of a kitten, has webbed feet, a paddle shaped tail, and deadly spurs on its feet?

One unusual mammal, that's for sure. It’s the duck-billed platypus that lives in Australia and Tasmania. Now it has something unique to offer humans.

The venom in the males’ feet may lead to a new treatment for type II diabetes... More »

Energized Energy Drinks
Week of May 12

Energized Energy DrinksWe’re not big fans of energy drinks ourselves, but a lot of our students love them. What they probably don’t know is that energy drinks go back a hundred years. But in those days the energy they contained was, well, real.

They contained radium and gave people a shot of radioactive energy! Radium is a soft, shiny radioactive metal that releases three million times the radioactivity of uranium... More »

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