Pet Yeasts
Week of February 17

Pet YeastsWe’ve domesticated dogs, cats, and livestock, but did you know we’ve gotten good at domesticating yeast? Belgian scientists the genome sequences of 157 industrial yeast strains and they all arose from just a few ancestors. In fact, our cultivation of those yeast have made them incapable of surviving in nature.

The earliest literate people left the first surviving evidence of humans domesticating yeast... More »

The Island of Dr. Moreau for Real
Week of February 10

An island beachDave, it’s amazing how prescient our early science fiction writers were. Fahrenheit 451 foretold of a world deluged by media and flat-screen TVs. A little known short story by Mark Twain predicted the internet. There are so many more including the Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells. If you’ve read that you’re probably asking, “Really?”

So, the story is about a doctor who lived on an island, creating part human, part animal beings... More »

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