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Driving Cancer Cells Away Without a CAR
Week of August 17

cancer cellsThe human immune system is like a home security system. It’s on alert twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five for invaders and even malignant cells. That’s why scientists have harnessed our immune system, specifically T cells, to kill cancer cells, Using a technology called CAR or chimeric antigen receptor, they engineer a patient’s own T cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells. But the therapy can also harm patients in some cases from the immune system becoming over-activated... More »

The Jekyll-Hyde of e-cigarettes
Week of August 10

microbesWhile e-cigarettes or vaping may help some adults quit smoking tobacco, new studies suggest it may start teens on cigarettes and lead to a lifetime of tobacco use. Studies show more teenagers are using e-cigarettes than traditional tobacco products. This may be because of marketing that targets teens using candy or fruit flavored e-cigarettes. Their peers also heavily influence them...More »

Tossing Your Glasses for Good
Week of August 3

glassesHey Dave, what would you say to a treatment that would allow you to read that script without your glasses? If it means I can throw away all the glasses scattered around my house and office, then count me in. Well, researchers may have found a way to correct all common refraction errors... More »

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