Migraine Relief
Week of September 21

migraineAbout one in seven people suffer from migraines. When this happens, the intense pulsing or throbbing pain can last for hours and some people even vomit. People have found relief through a variety of drugs and methods such as avoiding stress, bright or flashing lights, and certain foods...More »

Little Known Nose Facts
Week of September 14

noseI’ll bet most people don’t realize that when you breathe through your nose, you do so more from one nostril than the other and your body knows to switch to the other nostril every few hours. I had no idea. I’m only aware of any difference in my nostrils when I’m congested!... More »

I Know You Ate the Last Piece
Week of September 7

eating last pieceWe already wear devices that track our activity levels, sleep, and heart rate. But how about, what you eat? A device so small that it can be stuck to our teeth can report on chemicals it comes in contact with, salt, sugar, fats, alcohol and even tobacco smoke. It then wirelessly transmits that information to our phones... More »

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