Death on a Breeze
Week of April 28

Positive blood test for anthraxOne April morning in 1979, death came on a breeze. Little did the people of Sverdlovsk, Russia, know, but a clandestine plant had accidentally released bioweaponized anthrax. At least 66 people died and many more would have if the wind had blown toward the city instead. Soviet officials tried blaming tainted black market meat, but after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 U.S. scientists were able to confirm that the culprit was anthrax... More »

Reconnecting the Brain and Legs
Week of April 21

Man in wheelchairIncredibly, we may be a mere decade away from giving paraplegics back their walking legs.

Scientists recently enabled paralyzed monkeys to walk again. They devised a brain-computer interface or BCI along with a spinal implant that worked together to once again allow the brain’s motor cortex to send electrical signals to the legs.

The first thing they did was to get around the complex mechanism of walking... More »

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