Teen Brain on Weed
Week of April 24

A brainWith marijuana use legal in twenty states and counting, it’s possible more Americans will become users and some, addicted. If so, what’s the health impact, especially for kids?

One study ranked marijuana number eight for its harmfulness to the user and society. Alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine took the top three spots. But some argue when marijuana use is as common as alcohol and tobacco, it would be just as harmful... More »

Bright Side of Black Death
Week of April 17

Bright Side of Black DeathThe medieval era Black Death killed an enormous number of people: One-third to one half of all Europeans. Yet, a recent article argues the plague benefited us. How? The survivors may have passed on genes that benefit us to this day.

Researchers studied the skeletal remains of plague victims which wasn’t difficult since there were designated plague cemeteries. Those skeletons were compared with skeletons from other cemeteries of the same era. They found first that older people died at higher rates from the plague which is natural selection’s way of removing the weakest part of the population. The surprising find was... More »

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