SARS-CoV-2 Evolution
Week of September 17

covid virus

threat to us, scientists are studying its origin and what made it so good at infecting humans. Recent work suggests the virus, SARS-Co-V-two began in bats and jumped to humans. That’s because the closest relative to the virus has been found in Horseshoe bats and Pangolins. .. More »

Regrow Your Cartilage
Week of September 10


It’s a good thing we’re young at heart because not much else is young, especially our joints! No kidding. Don’t try to squat or you won’t get back up. So, imagine the joints of athletes. Their old injuries usually come back as osteoarthritis or OA. When it becomes severe, joint replacement is the only option but there are now technologies that can regrow the cartilage lost in OA...More »

A Personalized Vaccine for Cancer
Week of September 3

personalized cancer vaccine Imagine a vaccine made specifically for you and for fighting a deadly cancer. Sounds unlikely and yet one is being developed for Melanoma called NeoVax. Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer that involves melanocytes which are cells that give skin its color. It’s deadly because the cancer cells can metastasize quickly which means to spread to other parts of the body... More »

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