Gene Editing for Sickle Cell
Week of October 30

sicklecell Thanks to an engineered blood cell, a Mississippi mom watched her son play football for the first time. Victoria Gray received stem cell therapy to treat her sickle cell disease. The painful blood disorder forms the hemoglobin inside red blood cells into sickle shapes... More »

What Do Llamas and Nurse Sharks Have in Common?
Week of October 23

llamasWhat do llamas and nurse sharks have in common? Their antibodies just might make our immune system more effective at fighting off disease. That’s because these animals’ antibodies are half the size of human antibodies... More »

The Origins of the ICU
Week of October 15

icuFor intensive care doctors, covid-nineteen offers an eerily similar look at how doctors sixty years ago fought to save patients from another viral disease, polio. And this shared experience is poignant because that’s when intensive care medicine was born, thanks to a Danish doctor... More »

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