Dementia Clues In Your Voice
Week of December 2

dementia in your voiceDementia is a major health issue in America. Everyone likely knows of a family member, a neighbor or a friend who has or had dementia. It is likely to become even more of a concern as people live longer and the population ages. Diagnosis at the early stages can be challenging, and we need new approaches for early intervention. Especially with a disease as devastating as this, quality of life for patients is important. Biomedical technology to the rescue! Researchers have developed a machine learning model that can identify mild cognitive impairment in voice recordings... More »

What Causes Long COVID?
November 25

long covidLet’s say you are unlucky and you get COVID. You develop symptoms and generally you expect the symptoms to go away in a week or so. If your symptoms linger for weeks to months, you have what the CDC calls "long COVID"...More »

Making You More Tasty
Week of November 18

mosquito biteOne thing that everyone can agree on is that mosquitoes are annoying. Nothing spoils a nice day outdoors quite like the incessant buzzing and biting that mosquitoes bring. And that’s not all there is to these nasty hordes. Mosquitoes are vectors for some of the world’s most feared infections. We are talking viruses that cause yellow fever, dengue and Zika. And many other types of pathogenic or disease-causing microbes like malaria can be transmitted by mosquitos... More »

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