A Cure for HIV
Week of August 12

hiv cureAn infection with HIV isn’t the death sentence it was forty years ago. But without the powerful anti-retroviral drugs keeping the virus from replicating, a patient develops AIDS which does kill...More »

Betrayed By Your Skin
Week of August 5

epidermolytic hyperkeratosisImagine a skin condition that leaves blisters when a new mom holds her baby. And even a walk to the mailbox is excruciating from the friction to her feet. That’s Grace, a New Zealand woman with epidermolytic hyperkeratosis or EH. It’s the abnormal growth of a protein in the skin that makes its cells fragile... More »

The Woman Who First Pictured DNA
Week of July 29

DNAA newspaper headline in 1939 declared “Woman Scientist Explains” when talking about Florence Bell because there were so few of them. The thing is Bell deserved the accolade, regardless of whether she was a man or woman. She was the first to take an image of our DNA using a technology called x-ray crystallography... More »

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