Brainwave Translation
Week of November 27


When speech recognition software arrived years ago, it was revolutionary. But now machine learning software can translate brain waves into complete sentences with an error rate of just three percent. For years, scientists tried translating brain waves into sentences through a focus on individual words but they had high error rates... More »

Read History in a Glacier
Week of November 20

glacier How can glacial ice in the Swiss Alps help us understand English medieval economy? Sounds strange but in the ice are elements such as lead which was heavily used in the economy. They cut a core from the Swiss glacier about eighty yards long and contains two millennia of fallout from events such as volcanic eruptions, dust storms and lead pollution... More »

Wash Out That Gray Hair
Week of November 13

gray hairHave you ever seen anyone’s hair suddenly go grey or white? It can happen to survivors of serious illness or a life-altering shock. I used to think that only happened in movies. A new study makes the connection to our sympathetic nervous system which is also our fight or flight response. It’s a release of hormones that increases our alertness and heart rate so we’re ready to act. What does this have to do with hair?... More »

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