An Engineered Virus for Childhood Eye Cancer
Week of May 14

genes of ADHDRetinoblastoma is a childhood cancer that affects the developing retina. And if left untreated is fatal. In a third of cases, chemotherapy doesn’t work and one or both eyes have to be removed. But scientists are using a modified virus to kill the cancer... More »

Rock a Bye Baby
Week of June 7

rockabye babyDave, did you sing Rock a bye baby to your kids? I did and man, did I want them to fall asleep fast! But you know, it’s not the song that works; it’s the rocking. Now a study in Switzerland proves rocking doesn’t just put a baby to sleep, but adults too. The study showed that rocking alters brain activity and benefits sleep and memory in grownups. Okay, I want someone to rock me to bed. Don’t look at me! There are actually rocking beds on the market now... More »

Into the Weed
Week of May 31

Into the WeedThe smell of marijuana is thick these days! Medical marijuana is legal in thirty three states and in the US territories, Puerto Rico, DC, Guam and Northern Marianas. In two thousand eighteen, Canada legalized recreational use nationwide and some US states have done the same. In fact, over thirty seven million Americans used in the past year... More »

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