A Vaccine Against Cancer
Week of June 18

cancer vaccine

It’s incredible that a vaccine for cancer is set for clinical trials. The work is based on a big advancement in cancer treatment called immune checkpoint inhibitors which inhibit cancer cells from escaping the immune system...More »

Too Much of a Good Thing
Week of June 11

licoriceWhen a 54-year-old construction worker in Massachusetts collapsed, EMS arrived within minutes yet he died a day later. The cause? When doctors spoke to his family they learned he had been eating one to two large packs of licorice flavored candy daily for three weeks. The man had no idea eating that much licorice would stop his heart... More »

Origin Story of Aspirin
Week of June 4


One great myth in medicine is that aspirin was first used by Hippocrates to treat pain. He’s the ancient Greek physician regarded as the father of medicine in fifth century BCE. But his writings barely mention willow... More »

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