Breast Implant Cancer
Week of August 23

breast implantsSome women who choose breast implants after a mastectomy due to breast cancer can end up with cancer from the implant itself. In two thousand sixteen, the World Health Organization issued a warning that breast implants can lead to a cancer called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma or BIA-ALCL. In two thousand seventeen alone, over half a million women in the US got breast implants. But not all implants carry the same risk... More »

Not So Dirty Dogs
Week of August 15

dirty dogThe debate rages on….cats versus dogs. We both have cats, Dave, but I’ve also had dogs that were a close part of our family. They’re great companions, make great service animals. Well, a new study gives us another reason to pick dogs... More »

Flakka - A Dangerous High
Week of August 9

defective geneThere are many reasons to keep an eye on our kids, but one can have life or death implications: illegal drugs, and in particular a drug called Flakka. Today, kids may not know what they’re taking because many are unique chemicals made by an illegal lab. This means unlucky teens can end up taking a lethal dose... More »

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