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  • cannabis leaf

    Your Genes and Cannabis

    Episode 909 Release 209

    So far, 37 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, while 19 states and the District of Columbia have also legalized its recreational use. But recent reports show up to one-third of cannabis users get Canabis Use Disorder or CanUD, that's cannabis addiction or using cannabis in a way that damages their health. ... More » }

  • generational hands

    Life Expectancy – We Have Come a Long Way

    Episode 908 Release 209

    As science has advanced, so has life expectancy, but in parts of the world including the US, that number fell during the pandemic. So, has our lifespan rebounded since then? It has. But first consider that a child born in 1900 could only expect to live32 years. In just over a century, the average had more than doubled to 71 years in 2021.... More » }

  • map of brain

    Brain Atlas: A New (R)evolution for Neuroscience

    Episode 907 Release 209

    The first thing a lot of us do before heading to a new place is consult a map. We can see how the city is laid out, its central hub, and general features and properties. The more complex the area the more help it is as a starting point. Scientists are using the same approach to the human brain. A new “brain atlas” can provide an incredible amount of detail that can help with a fundamental understanding of this complex organ. ... More » }

  • scrabble tiles spelling ozempic

    The Biggest Little Name in Medicine

    Episode 906 Release 208

    No doubt you've been hearing a lot about a drug called Ozempic but not only for its original use which was the treatment of diabetes. Ozempic and another similar drug called Mountjaro are taking off because of how effective they are as weight loss drugs. Some people have reported losing up to 35 pounds. ... More » }

  • smog

    It's Not Just Global Warming

    Episode 905 Release 208

    The American Lung Association reported that if all US drivers switch to EVs and we use clean energy to power them by twenty-fifty, nearly ninety thousand lives and a trillion dollars in healthcare would be saved. A recent report called the “State of the Air” found that over a third of Americans live in areas with excessive ozone and particle pollution. ... More » }


Medicine is constantly advancing – that is a great thing about life in the 21st century. But it doesn’t just happen. Dedicated biomedical scientists are making discoveries that translate into those new medical advances.

Biomedical science is broad, encompassing everything from social science to microbiology, biochemistry, epidemiology, to structural biology and bioinformatics to name just a few areas. And, it can involve basic fundamental biology, the use of AI and chemistry to clinical studies that evaluate new medicines in patients.

No matter the research focus, the goal is always the same, to advance human health. It may take a few months, a few years or for fundamental science, a few decades. Few people make the connection that biomedical science is medicine and that biomedical scientists are working today on the medicine of tomorrow. Our weekly 500-word newspaper columns and 2-minute radio shows and podcasts provide insights into a broad range of biomedical science topics.

Medical Discovery News is dedicated to explaining discoveries in biomedical research and their promise for the future of medicine.


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