Smokers Take Warning
Week of August 14

smokersThe COVID-nineteen pandemic may be the perfect time to quit – smoking. That’s right! The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns that people with substance use disorders are more vulnerable to the virus... More »

Yes It Came From Bats
Week of August 7

bats A top priority during any pandemic is to inform the public because facts save lives. But invariably, something arises to muddle the message: conspiracy theories. It happened with HIV, Ebola and it is happening with COVID-nineteen. These unfounded theories undermine health officials and prolong the pandemic and social media has been the perfect conduit. It fuels and spreads misinformation quicker than ever before... More »

The Hearing of the Blind
Week of July 31

hearing of blindWe’ve known that the brains of people born blind or who lost their vision in childhood have adapted by enhancing their sense of hearing. But we didn’t know exactly how until two recent studies pinpointed actual changes in the brain... More »

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