An Immigrant's Contribution to Medicine
Week of November 16

immigrant contribution to medicineIn this time of increasing intolerance of immigrants and minority cultures, it’s important to share their contributions to medical science. One such scientist is a British Asian Muslim physician who discovered the effects of blood pressure on health. Frederick Akbar Mahomed was born in eighteen-forty nine into a Bengali family. His grandfather, Sake Dean Mahomed was an entrepreneur and opened the first curry house in London two hundred years ago... More »

Improving Aging
Week of November 9

improving aging There’s a host of things that come with age that I’d like to avoid. One of them is infections. Well, a recent study found that blocking a cellular pathway involved in immune responses can improve the health of people ages sixty-five and up. A cause of aging are changes to signaling pathways that regulate immunity... More »

Flight Into Cancer
Week of November 2

flight attendanceA perk of being a flight attendant is all the travelling they get to do, but one major downside is their increased risk for cancer. Both men and women flight attendants have higher rates of cancers of the breast, skin, thyroid, colon, stomach, esophagus, liver and pancreas...More »

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