Record High STDs and the Pandemic
Week of January 20

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Taken on its own, the fact that sexually transmitted diseases hit an all-time high is concerning, but combine that with the rising danger of antibiotic resistant superbacteria and I’d say it’s good the pandemic is temporarily keeping people out of bars. The latest figures in 2018 show 2.5 million cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, the highest numbers ever recorded... More »

Trench Fever Returns to the Homeless
Week of January 14


In war, fighting is just one of many ways soldiers suffer. They also endure disease and during World War One, a third of troops suffered from Trench Fever. It’s rare to find cases today except in the homeless where it’s increasing with the growing population...More »

Chocolate Helps Burn Body Fat
Week of January 7

chocoalte Year over year, among the top three New Year’s resolutions is losing weight. The good news this year is keep eating chocolate. In fact, eat more. Yup. Researchers found that eating chocolate in the mornings and evenings changes your metabolism so that you burn more fat…well, in post-menopausal women... More »

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