No More Dentures
Week of October 15

no more dentures We all get the warning, brush your teeth or lose them forever because once adult teeth come in, we’re done growing any more. Why is that? And can we change this so that lost teeth can be regrown. New research shows one day that looks likely... More »

Ripley in a Dish
Week of October 8

ripley in a dish

If you’re a fan of the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver, she plays the ultimate hero, Ripley. In the fourth movie of the series, there was a “company” effort to clone her and so you saw incubation chambers with floating version of Ripley in various stages of development... More »

Chicken Soup and a Cold
Week of October 1

chicken soup

When you mom gives you chicken soup, it’s a wisdom of the ages, a millennium, because that’s how long healers have believed it can treat the common cold. But is this supported by science?...More »

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