The Bionic Eye
Week of April 9

bioniceyeThe human eye is such a marvel of evolution that scientists have not been able to reproduce it. Yet with each new generation of the bionic eye, they’re getting closer... More »

They Eat Viruses
Week of April 2


Scientists don’t often get to make major new discoveries, but maybe for the first time, they’ve found organisms that dine on viruses. And that would make sense because viruses are EVERYWHERE and their biomass is several times that of all humans on earth. So, organisms that can actually feed on viruses would have an ideal food source... More »

e-Cigs Are Not Safe
Week of March 26


Just before COVID, I was at my favorite restaurant and several people were vaping next to us, so we asked to be moved. The manager blew it off as water vapor but that’s a myth many people mistakenly believe... More »

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