A Prostate Cancer Test That’s Not Fickle
Week of August 30

prostate cancerDoctors began to notice a new polio-like illness in kids The most common cancer in men after skin cancer is prostate cancer, but the screening tests are notoriously unreliable. A new test is not only reliable but simple and inexpensive. It may even be able to predict the cancer five years before treatments are needed... More »

Bacteria in the Pits
Week of September 13

ball pit bacteriaDave, I know your kids are grown, but did you ever let them play in ball pits? Ball pits… wow, that doesn’t sound like such a nice place. You know, it’s these enclosures with a sea of multicolored balls that kids love to jump in. What their parents may not know is that these ball pits are teeming with bacteria. Blegh! I think my kids may have played in a few because they’re in malls, kids play areas, and even some physical therapy clinics... More »

Why the Mona Lisa Remained Unfinished
Week of September 6

mona lisaArguably, the most famous painting in the world today is The Mona Lisa, partly because of the mystery surrounding this sixteenth century painting. One is that it was never finished. Art historians have tried to answer why Leonardo DaVinci didn’t finish it and now a new theory is being explored. Perhaps Da Vinci injured his arm when he fainted... More »

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