Pursuing the Holy Grail
Week of September 20

holy grail chaliceJThe holy grail of influenza vaccines is a flu vaccine that works year after year. That’s called durable immunity. Now, we get a new shot every year because flu strains change. Each year, scientists select three to four flu viruses to include in the annual vaccine. Most times, they get it right, but when they’re off, we have a bad flu year... More »

A Mutation Protection for Alzheimer's
Week of September 13

man looking at reflectionFor years scientists have been working with a large multi-generational Columbian family to help understand Alzheimer’s Disease. They have a mutation called paisa that causes many in the 6,000 member clan to develop dementia in their 40s or even younger. But among them, one got a mild case of dementia at the later age of 67. When he died at 74 from pneumonia, the family donated his brain for study... More »

A Gene That Drives Colon Cancer
September 5

genetic puzzleDuring a disease process, our genes can be silenced which means they can’t do the work they were meant to do. In colon cancer, when a gene called P-sixteen is silenced, our risk for the cancer goes up...More »

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