David's Surprise
Week of July 10

the davidMichelangelo’s David is among the most well-known and beautiful of statues. But no one in the five hundred years since it was carved had pointed out a detail until a cardiologist noticed it recently. There’s a bulging vein on David’s neck which you’d normally see in heart disease patients and that doesn’t align with David, a vibrant teen just before his battle with the giant, Goliath... More »

Stress Is Making Me Grey
Week of July 3

forgettingPhotos of US presidents when they leave office show men with much greyer hair. This is a milder form of the Marie Antoinette Syndrome where stress causes hair to suddenly turn white. The story is that France’s last queen, Marie Antoinette had her hair turn white the night before she faced the guillotine and now research shows stress does cause hair to grey... More »

A Small (Micro) Advance to Combat Stroke
Week of June 26

stroke It’s possible that the bacteria in our gut has a say in how well we survive and recover from stroke which is just remarkable. I agree. It just keeps amazing me how integral our microbiome is to our health. These are the bacteria, viruses and fungi in and on us... More »

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