Henvry V, Saved by a Surgeon
Week of March 22

king henry vIn Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth, the king makes a powerful speech before the famous real-life battle of Agincourt that inspires his men. What’s little known is that Henry nearly died in an earlier battle but was saved by the ingenuity of his surgeon...More »

Abuse Marks DNA
Week of March 15

dnaPeople who were sexually abused as children often carry emotional scars into adulthood. But now a study shows that it even leaves genetic scars, meaning that regions of the DNA are marked. So, it’s possible one day tests can verify a victim’s story. So what do we mean when we say their DNA is “marked”?... More »

Improving the Rabies Test
Week of March 8

rabiesIf you’re bit by a strange dog or mammal, you have to get a series of rabies shots because the risk of not doing so can be fatal if the animal tests positive for the virus. The problem is the treatment involves five shots and aren’t usually available in resource poor countries. So, it’s important to be able to test the animal for rabies to see if the victim really needs the vaccine... More »

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