Plants More Valuable Than Gold
Week of January 27

plantsMost of the focus on extinction is on animals but we should also care about which plants are lost. But here’s a fascinating twist. One valued plant that had been thought extinct for centuries has been rediscovered in the foothills of central Turkey... More »

Synthetic Embryos
January 20

synthetic embryosSynthetic embryos – those two words just don’t seem to go together. And yet two separate studies accomplished this feat. Even though both studies worked with mouse cells, it’s remarkable that the researchers began with single cells and then saw them grow into embryos...More »

Do Viruses Trigger Alzheimer's
Week of January 13

alzheimersFor decades researchers have been studying the cause of Alzheimer’s with a focus on the abnormal presence of two proteins in the brain: beta amyloid and tau. They suspect the proteins damage brain cells, eventually killing them and causing brain shrinkage... More »

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