Plague and the World Order
Week of May 14

plague and the world order

What permanent mark will the COVID-nineteen pandemic leave on the world? Past outbreaks have shattered societies and created new systems. One example is the plague of Justinian in the sixth century. It's named after the Roman emperor Justinian and by the time it was over twenty-five to one hundred million people died... More »

Copper Bracelet for RA
Week of May 7

copper bracelet

It's one of those things you find when you're cleaning out a drawer – a magnetized bracelet or a copper one. Maybe it was a gift or you bought it off a late night TV commercial. Millions have believed in the healing powers of copper and magnets - from ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians and Egyptians to legitimate modern uses such as copper IUDs for birth control... More »

Death of a President
Week of April 30

William Henry HarrisonMany of us were waiting to hear President Trump's condition after learning he got COVID-nineteen. Over a century ago, Americans also had an ill president, William Henry Harrison, who it turns out did not recover... More »

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