Beads to Treat Cancer
Week of September 16

beadsScientists have an exciting new treatment approach to cure advanced-stage ovarian and colorectal cancer. The bad news is that it has only been tested in mice. The good news is that testing it in humans is the next step and clinical trials could begin soon.... More »

An Eye on the Future
Week of September 9

eyesHow old are you? Most would answer with the number of years since they were born. At my age, if we are talking candles on a birthday cake, someone had better call the fire department! There is another measure of age that is commonly used, called biological age. Recent research suggests that biological age may be a better predictor of your true lifespan and age... More »

A Viral Cause of MS
Week of September 2

virusScientists have long suspected that there is connection between infections with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), the agent responsible for infectious mononucleosis or the Kissing Disease and the development of Multiple Sclerosis or MS. The challenge has been finding proof of such a link. It’s not like you can infect large numbers of people with EBV and see if they develop MS later in life, that would not be ethical. Fortunately, scientists already had a source of human samples to work with...More »

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