We Need Jumpin' Genes
Week of December 14

jumping genesThe DNA in the nucleus of our cells is inherited from our parents, so if we compared the structure of our DNA with our parents, they’d be the same, right? Well, they’re not...More »

Anyone Interested In Renting My DNA?
Week of December 7

immigrant contribution to medicineTo get your DNA analyzed, you have to pay about a hundred dollars to companies like twenty-three and me or Ancestry dot com. But how would you like to make money on your genomic information?... More »

A Blood Test to Help Choose an Antidepressant
Week of November 30

antidepressants Choosing which antidepressant to take is not simple… it’s almost like dating. You ask a lot of questions, such as am I nervous? How will I feel? And then, there’s no way to know until you’ve tried it. But scientists may have found a way to cut through all that work with a simple blood test in particular, for people who need more aggressive treatment... More »

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