More Problems in Space
Week of May 29

bloodflow in space To predict the effect of long duration space flight on human health, scientists have been studying astronauts on the International Space Station. One thing they found was worsened vision. Some astronauts developed swollen optic nerves and a flattening of the eyes. They thought maybe it was caused by low gravity which allows a buildup of bodily fluids like blood and water in the head... More »

My Bugs Ate My Drug
Week of May 22

bugsThe human microbiome is a wondrous thing! We are inhabited by a community of microbes that are a part of who we are. These microbiota which include bacteria, fungi and viruses actively communicate with our own cells to define us and keep us healthy. The Human Microbiome Project has sequenced their genomes, cataloging the more than ten thousand different species that call us home... More »

Why Bats
Week of May 15

bats Why do bats harbor so many nasty viruses? It’s truly a list of horrors: Ebola, Marburg, and SARS like in Covid-19. Using data modeling, scientists found that bats have unique immune systems that allow them to co-exist with chronic viral infections... More »

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