Re-growing Limb,Organs on Horizon
November 29

salamanderAmphibians have a unique trait: the ability to grow back limbs and even organs. When a salamander loses a limb, a blood clot appears in the damaged area. Then with surprising speed, newly formed skin cells cover the wound. Underneath this skin-capped area, a structure called a blastema containing a complex array of new cells forms. Then tissues begin to develop and the structures necessary to form the missing limb...More »

Climate Change Drives New Approach to...Drugs
Week of November 22

climate change bearNo matter what people believe about climate change, the consensus among scientists is our earth is warming. The prestigious National Academy of Sciences states "Scientists have known for some time, from multiple lines of evidence, that humans are changing Earth’s climate, primarily through greenhouse gas emissions." More than 200 international organizations also agree. So, for the sake of our children, we should all support action to slow climate change. But how? We depend on fossil fuels to power our lives, and make plastics, lubricants, insecticides, beauty products, clothing, drugs, dyes, asphalt, and adhesives, just to name a few... More »

I Hope You Can Hear Me Now
Week of November 14

earIn the world, there are 1.5 billion people who have problems hearing and in 25 years, it’ll go up by another billion. What did you say? Just kidding, that’s a lot of people and Norbert, that may be us soon. Makes me think of a new study that won’t help hearing loss that results from age, but it could reverse genetic causes of it... More »

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