Fasting in a Pill
May 24

weight lossA popular weight control method today is intermittent fasting. It varies from eating on alternative days to two days of fasting a week, to time restricted fasting. That’s where you only eat in an eight-hour window.But what if you could fast with a pill? What we mean is take a pill that can replicate the benefits of fasting without the fasting?...More »

Stealth Viruses to Kill Cancer
Week of May 17

virusA new tool in cancer treatment is to get cancer cells to kill themselves and other tumor cells. A huge benefit of this is that healthy cells remain unharmed, sparing patients from the terrible side effects of traditional cancer treatments... More »

Repairing the Brain
Week of May 9

brainBiomedical research has shown us some of the brain’s secrets, but we’ve hardly scratched the surface. That’s why growing brain cells in the lab has become a great way for us to learn more... More »

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