Get the HPV Vaccine and Avoid Cancer
Week of April 3

hpv vaccineIf you had a chance to prevent your children from developing cancer in twenty or thirty years, would you? Most of you would give an emphatic, “Yes!” and yet, fifty percent of kids are not vaccinated against the Human Papilloma virus or HPV. Why? Some parents are uncomfortable talking about a sexually transmitted virus which the HPV is – especially since the vaccine is most effective when given to preteens... More »

Plague Outbreak in China
Week of March 27

plague outbreakThe Black Death also known as The Plague is pretty scary to think about because in the fourteenth century, it killed sixty percent of Europe’s people. It’s still around today, in rural parts of the US and recently, in China, where an outbreak may have occurred. We know of at least three cases but since China is withholding information, we really don’t know the extent of the outbreak... More »

Predicting Death
Week of March 20

predicting death Ben Franklin once wrote that there are only two predictable things in life – Death and Taxes. But truly, can we predict our time of death? There’s a blood test being studied that’s eighty-three percent accurate at predicting a person’s death in five to ten years... More »

A Blood Test for Brain Injury
Week of March 13

brain injuryEven though five million Americans every year are treated in the ER for head injury, one-fifth of the TBI cases, Traumatic Brain Injuries, are not diagnosed. That’s because CT scans aren’t always accurate, but a new test already approved in Europe may do better... More »

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