Why Mosquitos Like You
Week of May 17

mosquitosSome of you know that we’ve been recording our show for the past thirteen years in the mosquito haven that is Galveston, Texas. Oh, it’s not that bad, Dave! Oh right, Mr. Connecticut. You’ve forgotten now that you’ve moved away. I can feed at least a dozen mosquitos just walking from my car to my lab. What you need, Dave, is a good decoy. A recent study confirms about twenty percent of us are high attractors for female mosquitos who find their prey through sight and smell... More »

A Fasting Way to Weight Loss
Week of May 10

fastingSo we Americans have a weight problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control more than one third of adults are obese. Ugh man, gotta get back on my diet, but I know they don’t work. The key is to stick to an eating plan that I can live with because our culture of fast food and little exercise is sabotaging our long term health... More »

Ding Dong the King is Dead!
Week of May 3

ding dong the king is deadDid you hear a bell toll mid-November in 2018? You should have because a longtime king died! Norbert, you’re being melodramatic. It was no king.No, it wasn’t a person, BUT, it was le Grand K which is a pretty big deal!... More »

Your Brain is Better Off Without An Appendix

parkinson and gutSometimes a medical discovery can make fascinating connections. The latest suggests people who’ve had their appendix removed face a lower risk for Parkinson’s disease...More »

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