Mom's Java Influences Childs Height
Week of March 17

woman drinking coffeeThe tallest people in the world are in the Netherlands. In the US, the average height for men 20 years and older is five foot nine and for women, it’s about five three. But heights vary across the world and even though American men have grown by nearly two inches over the last century, a new study shows even modest amounts of caffeine during pregnancy can produce shorter children... More »

New Hope for Cat Allergies- CRISPR Cat
Week of March 10

catIf you’ve been following our show, you might know about our fascination with cats… Dave and I are long time cat lovers. While we find them irresistible, some people can’t be around them. Fifteen percent of people in the US are allergic to cats. Hundreds of thousands end up in the ER, some from asthma attacks. But new studies suggest one day, we could see allergen free cats! That’s right, hypoallergenic cats!... More »

No-Ouch Vaccinations
March 3

vaccine vialSome people would love it if vaccinations did not involve needles. And it’s possible vaccines for respiratory infections, such as COVID when given through the nose or mouth, may actually be more effective. We have immune cells within the mucous membranes that line the nasal and oral cavities. Priming them with a vaccine could stop the virus where it first enters the body, blocking its spread, and preventing even mild cases of COVID. This would also stop community spread. China, Russia, India, and Iran all have inhaled COVID vaccines and more than one hundred oral or nasal vaccines are in development around the world, but none are available in the US...More »

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