It's Not Just For the Common Cold Anymore
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cat I know a lot of people who believe in the vitamin C myth� that it helps to prevent or moderate the common cold. Well, it was a Nobel laureate who first promoted the idea in the nineteen seventies, but after fifty years of study, there�s just little to support this. But Dave, a new study shows vitamin C may have an incredible lifesaving effect on a deadly illness: Sepsis.

Around one million people develop sepsis yearly in the US, with a third of them dying. Sepsis is the biggest killer of patients in US hospitals with about a thousand people dying every day. Sepsis occurs when the body mounts a wide scale, intense immune response to a microbe, bacterium, or fungus replicating in a person�s bloodstream, usually from an infected wound.

This inflammatory response affects blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration leading to multi-organ failure and shock. In two-thousand-thirteen, it cost four hundred billion dollars to treat. Recently, researchers found a much cheaper and effective alternative in Vitamin C.

In this study, they gave septic patients high doses of vitamin C, B-one thiamine, and low dose corticosteroids. They treated forty seven patients and incredibly, only four died compared to a control group where nineteen people, or forty percent, died. In a follow-up study with one hundred fifty patients, only one person died from sepsis.

It�s remarkable. Before doctors can use this treatment, though, larger, randomized studies are needed because high infusion of vitamin C could cause kidney problems. But if effective, many vulnerable patients could get a second chance at life.

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