2008 Episodes

Broadcast Date
(week of)
Episode #Release #Title
12/27/0811025Prostate Cancer Treatment
12/20/0810925James Berry
12/13/0810825Pets, They're Cute but Could Be Dangerous
12/06/0810725Nobel Prizes
11/29/0810624Manufactured Blood
11/22/0810524Malaria and the DARC Mutation
11/08/0810324DNA and the Romanovs
11/01/0810224The Public Health Threats of Hurricanes
10/25/0810123Flora and Fauna
10/18/0810023Centenarians and 100th
10/11/089923Vaccines and Autism
10/04/089823Take Away the Sweet
9/27/089722Whew! Talk About Your Bad Breath!
9/20/089622Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue
9/06/089422Alzheimer's Eyes
8/30/089321A Viral Cause of Obesity
8/23/089221What's Hiding in Your Home — Fungus
8/16/089121Blast Brain Injury
8/09/089021Pear or Apple — Health Risks of Body Shapes
8/02/088921Columbus and the Origin of Syphilis
7/19/088720Seasonal Birth Control
7/12/088620Something You Weren't Expecting in Your Water Bottle — BA
6/28/088419Lyme Disease
6/21/088319Personalized Medicine
6/14/088219Stop the Pain — Shingles Vaccine
6/07/088119Gliblastoma Gene Therapy
5/31/088018New Rules Make Sunscreens Better
5/24/087918French Paradox
5/17/087818Pill Camera
5/10/087718Breast Cancer & Light
5/03/087618Allergies — Your House May Be the Problem
4/26/087518Sleep Apnea
4/19/087417Chlamydia — Setting a Public Health Record
4/12/087317Flouridation — History of a Public Halth Success Story
4/05/087217Cancer on the Side with Second Hand Smoke
3/29/087116Irritable Bowl Syndrome - IBS
3/22/087016Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - DMD
3/15/086916Black Death
3/01/086716Obesity Genes
2/23/086615Strep pneumoniae vaccine — When a great vaccine is not enough
2/16/086515Prion Detection
2/09/086415Mad Cow
2/02/086315Bionic Eye
1/12/086014Anabolic Steroids and Baseball
1/05/085914Stem Cell Research & Retroviruses