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Today we'll talk about cheese, but not the kind you buy at the grocery store. This cheese is a new recreational drug and worse it's being used to market heroin to children.

The drug is called cheese heroin because of its resemblance to parmesan cheese. It's made by combining tar heroin with over the counter medications like Tylenol PM and Benadryl that contain antihistamines. Typically 2 to 8 percent of the mixture is heroin and the drug is extraordinarily addictive.

First time users can experience withdrawal symptoms within a few hours after use. The symptoms include mood swings, insomnia, chills, vomiting, muscle spasms and disorientation that can last six days. Kids have already died from this drug.

Cheese heroin is usually snorted and a single dose or "bump" costs just two bucks - cheap enough for kids to afford. The high makes them euphoric, lethargic, thirsty, hungry and disoriented.

The drug was first identified in August 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Since then, it's caught on with middle and high school kids in more than a dozen Dallas ISD schools. But children as young as 9 have used it.

The highly addictive drug makes it a great recruitment tool for dealers. Young users who try an entry drug will typically move on to something stronger and can become lifelong addicts. That's why communities must watch for this drug in their schools and parents of addicted children should get them treatment.

A national survey last year reported less than one percent of tenth graders had used heroin. The danger now is those same kids who stayed away from straight heroin may get hooked on Cheese heroin because they don't realize what it is. The key is to convince them never to try it.

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The Dallas Police Department has made a presentation on Cheese Heroin available on the online. It includes much of the basic information about this drug of abuse as well as pictures of what it looks like and how it is often packaged.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Forensic Sciences has published. "Followup: "Cheese" (Heroin Adulterated with Diphenhydramine and Acetaminophen) Continuing in Dallas, Texas". Microgram Bulletin. Jun 2007. Accessed Aug 22, 2007.
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A very informative article entitled "Cheese" Heroin: Status as of June 2, 2007 By Jane C. Maxwell, Ph.D., a Senior Research Scientist at the Gulf Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center.
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A Powerpoint presentation provides basic information about cheese heroin, but also some of the slang used to refer to this drug in emails and text messages and other useful hints to concerned parents.
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Why is Cheese heroin such a danger? It is the heroin in it. To find out more about heroin please visit these websites. Be an informed parent and talk to your children.
White House Drug Policy
National Institute on Drug Abuse


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