Americans Support Biomedical Research
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Americans Support Biomedical ResearchOccasionally, as scientists, we get news that make us celebrate. Here�s one we thought was pretty cool: surveys show most Americans strongly support public and private investments in biomedical and medical research.

How many? Ninety percent of Americans favor funding by the government for biomedical research which focuses on advancing health. There is fundamental biological research where its impact is typically not seen for years but can have huge payoff. Clinical research though involves people directly and can quickly lead to new therapies.

Both types are inter-related and important. Fundamental research provide insight into diseases so that treatments can be developed. Overall, eighty eight percent of Americans encourage partnerships between universities, government agencies, and industry.

Sixty-five percent of people said they wanted president Trump to make biomedical research a priority in his first one hundred days. Seventy eight percent feel this should be a priority for the new Congress. But the government may not agree. Funding for the National Institutes of Health has fallen by twenty percent since two thousand three. Yet, investment in biomedical research has paid off.

Average life expectancy in the US has risen by a little over eight years to seventy-eight point seven years. Deaths from leading causes are down including cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Federal investment in research has resulted in sixty billion dollars of new economic activity which led to over three hundred fifty thousand jobs in two thousand fifteen. Health research pays off all around leading to better health and a stronger economy.

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