Eat Mo' Chili Peppers and Live!
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I love hot chocolate but mine has something else hot about it. More like spicy! Dave and I both enjoy Mayan hot chocolate because it has chili peppers and a new report shows people who eat them may live longer.

Their research looked at more than 4,700 previous studies for the impact of chili pepper consumption on health. The data was gathered from leading global health databases: Embase, Scopus, Medline, Ovid and Cochrane. The studies involved nearly 600,000 people from the US, China, Iran and Italy. The results are highly significant and showed a quarter lower risk of death from heart disease and nearly the same rates for cancer. The overall decrease in death from all causes for chili pepper consumers was also 25%, which is astounding.

We don't know yet why. Scientists want to do randomized studies to strengthen the results. We also don't know whether certain chili peppers work better.

Other studies have also shown these spicy wonders improve digestive health, help weight loss, relieve migraines, regulate insulin levels, and help maintain healthy hair and skin. But more rigorous studies need to prove out these findings.

Scientists believe a chemical in chili peppers may be responsible: capsaicin. It's actually the active ingredient in pepper spray used by police.

I prefer the burn of a good Mexican or Thai meal, so if my health gets a boost as a bonus, bring it on!

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Study: People Who Eat Chili Peppers May Live Longer
Individuals who regularly consume chili peppers may live longer and may have a significantly reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer...

People who eat chili pepper may live longer?
Consumption of chili pepper may reduce the relative risk of cardiovascular disease mortality by 26%, according to an analysis of diet and mortality data from four large, international studies. Chili pepper consumption was associated with a 25% reduction in death from any cause and 23% fewer cancer deaths, compared to people who never or only rarely consumed chili pepper...