Vampires and Vaccines
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I've heard some outlandish conspiracy theories but one described in a New York Times article claimed the COVID-nineteen vaccine would turn people into vampires. It IS nuts, Norbert but this one is interesting in that it's happened before.

During Europe's Dark Ages, people thought outbreaks of tuberculosis and other microbe-based diseases were caused by vampires. The article explored the intersection between vampires and vaccines at a time before science had uncovered the germ theory of disease in the eighteen hundreds with Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. Up until then, it seemed plausible that when someone died of an infectious disease, black magic or a sinister being such as the vampire was responsible. For example, people who got sick after preparing the body of someone who died from an infectious disease blamed their illness on vampires. They believed undead monsters were rising from the graveyard and preying on the good people in the village.

It's no wonder the first mandated vaccines in England were greeted with skepticism and public outcry: "It's the work of the devil "- sound familiar? Even though today's vaccine critics aren't blaming blood sucking demons, their impact is equally damaging to public health. A tiny fraction of vaccine recipients can get severely ill from it but to avoid a shot because of fears you might be among the rare makes no sense.

So, get the facts and protect yourself and your loved ones. Get vaccinated!

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