Blood Transfer for Better Memory
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blood transfer for better memory

So we all know that exercise is good for you - your heart, blood pressure, mental health and even for improving memory. That's because studies show it leads to the production of new brain cells and reduces inflammation, so exercise could also help stave off dementia.

Within the past several years, provocative studies showed that transferring blood from young animals to older animals improved the recipients' memory. Now new research looks at whether blood plasma from highly exercised mice would improve the brains of couch potato mice. Plasma is the liquid part of blood and contains proteins, electrolytes, glucose and other small molecules.

The experiment used hamster wheels to train mice who logged an astounding ten kilometers each night. The control mice had fixed wheels. After twenty-eight days, the exercising mice showed big spikes in brain function. Over that same period, every three days, they'd transfer plasma from these mice to the sedentary mice. And guess what, Norbert, they saw the same improvement! Talk about the hack of hacks! When measured, these mice also improved in memory tests and lower brain inflammation.

What researchers concluded is that the fit mice produced much higher numbers of four proteins that influence inflammation. One is called clusterin and is highly associated with the anti-inflammatory effects. Imagine this as part of your vitamin regimen, popping a memory pill. But hold on to that treadmill. No vitamin can yet replicate all the benefits of exercise.

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