2009 Episodes

Broadcast Date
(week of)
Episode #Release #Title
12/26/0916237Thyroid Cancer is Rising in the US
12/19/0916137Prostate Cancer Virus
12/12/0916037Brilliant But Disabled – The Savant
12/05/0915937Rhinovirus Family Tree
11/28/0915836The White Coat
11/21/0915736I Flu Robots
11/14/0915636H1N1 Flu Questions
11/07/0915536Vitiligo and the King of Pop
10/31/0915435Galileo's Eyes
10/24/0915335Dreams, If Only I Could Remember Them
10/17/0915235Neglected Diseases
10/10/0915135How About Re-Growing Teeth?
10/03/0915035CDC — Antibiotics, when and when not to use them
9/26/0914934A New Study Brings New Hope-an HIV Microbicide
9/19/0914834New Flu Vaccine Only
9/12/0914734Biosynthetic Bone
9/05/0914634Spit Proteome
8/29/0914533High Blood Pressure Revisited
8/22/0914433Making Sure Cancer Deaths Decline
8/15/0914333ELADS, the Latest in Artificial Livers
8/08/0914233Ladies Bacteria on Hands
8/01/0914133Using Your Own Stem Cells
7/25/0914032Earliest Chemical Warfare
7/18/0913932Meningitis Vaccine from the CDC
7/11/0913832History of Anesthesia
7/04/0913732Latisse for the Ladies
6/27/0913631Whole Genome Analysis and You
6/20/0913531The Naming of Hansen's Disease
6/13/0913431Circadian Rhythm of Teenagers
6/06/0913331Cancer Death Rates
5/30/0913230Not All Heart Attacks are the Same
5/23/0913130Biofilms and Cystic Fibrosis
5/16/0913030After 40 It's All Down Hill
5/09/0912930Biomedical Research Careers
5/02/0912830Otzi the Iceman
4/25/0912729Triple Negative Breast Cancers
4/18/0912629Gulf War Syndrome
4/11/0912529A Second Language and the Brain
4/04/0912429Urine Test for Ovarian Cancer
3/28/0912328Vitamins & Aspirin
3/21/0912228Responsible Research
3/14/0912128Smoke Pot & Shrink Your Brain
3/07/0912028Peanut Butter and Salmonella
2/28/0911927A Drug That Could Halt MS
2/21/0911827Anesthesia and Memories
2/14/0911727The History of Red Blood Cells
2/07/0911627Cranberries and UTIs
1/31/0911526Memory B Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis
1/24/0911426A New Down's Diagnostic
1/17/0911326Drink Your Milk
1/03/0911126The First Ovariotomy