2010 Episodes

Broadcast Date
(week of)
Episode #Release #Title
12/25/1021449Origins of Mammogram Screening
12/18/1021349Fish Oil
12/11/1021249CSI – Microbiology
12/04/1021149Neanderthal Genome
11/27/1021048Frontotemporal Dementia
11/13/1020848Third Hand Smoke
11/06/1020748Make Them Overdone
10/30/1020647Seasonal Flu Reasons
10/23/1020547Casava Mosaic Virus
10/16/1020447Dental Stem Cells
10/09/1020347Gut Microbiome & Obesity
10/02/1020247Printing Skin
9/25/1020146Eat Chocolate for Health
9/18/1020046Reviving Hair Cells and Hearing
9/11/1019946The Sixth Sense
9/04/1019846Mercury Fish
8/28/1019745The Hope for St. Luke's Arm
8/21/1019645Mutations and Cancer
8/14/1019545Doggie Flu
8/07/1019445We Just Don't Get Enough Sleep
7/31/1019344King Tut Paternity
7/24/1019244Novel Antiviral
7/17/1019144Lead in Spices
7/10/1019044Second Chance with Cryogenics
7/03/1018944Venter and New Life
6/26/1018843CAT Scan Overdoses
6/19/1018743Heart Disease Before Fast Food
6/12/1018643The Birthday of the Pill
6/05/1018543Oil Spills & Human Health
5/29/1018442The Beatles & CT
5/22/1018342Shower Head Bacteria
5/15/1018242IVD Sperm
5/08/1018142Our Middle Aged Brains
5/01/1018042AML Vaccine
4/27/1017941Origins of the Human Rainbow
4/17/1017841Conspiracy or bacteria in the death of Mozart
4/10/1017741Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
4/03/1017641Itch Neurons
3/20/1017440Vaccine History
3/13/1017340Gray Hair, Who Me?
3/06/1017240Nobel Prizes — 2009
2/27/1017139Breast Cancer Signaling
2/20/1017039Diabetes — Islet Cell Transplantation
2/13/1016939Heart Muscle Regeneration
2/06/1016838Anosomia — or What Smell
1/30/1016738Another STD Worth Talking About
1/23/1016638Hey Dave, Hope for Hair Loss
1/16/1016538Medicinal Wines From 5,000 Years Ago
1/09/1016438Mussels in the Surgical Suite
1/02/1016338So, What is so Good About Olive Oil?